The key drivers of digital transformation in the retail sector

The COVID-19 pandemic calls for a radical reconsideration of many business models.
Small and medium-sized enterprises in the retail sector, where the physical presence
and the social contact were common practice, were forced, due to an
unprecedented health crisis, to either implement measures of social distancing or to
cease their operation. The main challenge was to choose a "contactless" way of
communicating with the consumers. The need for digital transformation was forced
upon them. Many entrepreneurs have either embraced the use of digital tools
throughout their business channels or started redesigning their business model and
adapting processes to new data. The webinar aims at highlighting the importance of
the digital transition of smaller businesses in the retail sector, not only to address
the temporary (?) reshuffles brought by the health crisis, but mainly to enable them
to participate in more long-term and sustainable business practices.


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